About Eye Philosopy

Welcome to Eye Philosophy, Melbourne based Optometrist.

Eye Philosophy is an independent optometrist based in Melbourne, built upon over 40+ years of excellence in eye health and ocular wellness. Formerly operating as Brazionis Eyecare since 1969, we have taken this opportunity to revitalise our brand as we move into a contemporary new store at 28 Douglas Parade, Williamstown.


Our philosophy for eyecare has been developed over years of refinement and improvement. Our team of highly skilled optometrists and dispensers guide you through the patient journey with a hollistic approach to ensure early detection and diagnosis of eye health issues. We firmly believe that prevention is the best cure. 

We are equipped with the latest innovative technology to ensure that your eye health is our paramount concern. Our range of eyewear has been carefully curated for Williamstown and its surrounds. With years of experience under our belt, we know and appreciate that everyone has their own style and aesthetic. A key strength is our ability to match individual needs and preferences to the perfect frame. We carry eyewear that is sourced locally, as well as the latest from international designers. Whatever your style is – from classic and conservative to modern and eccentric – we’re sure you will find something you love at Eye Philosophy.

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Our 5 Star Reputation

For more than 40 years, we have been providing optometry expertise to the community. We have since developed a strong reputation and welcome new patients to see why we are so highly rated and valued. Above all, caring for our patients needs is our number one priority.

Our Indpendence

We are proud to be a local, 100% independent healthcare provider. We are not a chain or franchise store so we have the freedom to recommend the best solu-tion for you. Our primary focus is about providing the best possible eyecare with clinical excellence and personalised service. We are also a member of Provision.

Tailored Eye Care

We are committed to providing tailored eye care for everyone’s individual needs and preferences. We know that everyone is different, that’s why we take the time and care to make sure you get the treatment, product or solution specific to you. We also bulk-bill to ensure no out-of-pocket expenses for Compre-hensive Eye Tests.

Ortho K Lenses

We specialise in the Ortho K - allowing you to correct your vision while you sleep. We can guide you through this safe, reversible and natural solution to gently correct your vision - you can sleep easily knowing that you’re in safe hands.

Thousands of Styles & Products

You’ll find the perfect vision solution at Eye Philoophy, beacuse we choose quality premium products for you to trust and enjoy . We also have access to over 20,000 frames, so we’re sure you’ll find something you love at our practice.

Modern Technology & Innovation

We are supported by modern technology and innovative processes to ensure that we consistently deliver precise prescriptions and quality eye care. Our state of the art technology will reveal superfine details about your eyes so that we can accurately diagnose and treat all eye conditions. We are committed to innovating and refining our services and products to bring you the best eyecare possible.


Education is Prevention.

We believe in educating all our patients by spending time to explain their eye health in detail. We aspire to have all our patients leave with a strong understanding of how to look after their eyes. By educating our patients about their eye health, we are able to prevent issues through incerased awareness and pro-active solutions.

We strive to improve the eye health and vision of the local community by translating our eyecare philosophy into our services and products, which encompasses the following core principles:
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