Children’s Optometrist

At Eye Philosophy we’re passionate about children’s eye care. Your child’s eyes are at their most vulnerable as they’re developing, with many vision problems starting in early childhood. Through regular eye tests and our range of optometrist services specifically designed for kids, we can provide ongoing, tailored eye care and ensure correct development. Our children’s optometrist can detect issues early and provide the care your child’s eyes need as it’s needed. We believe there’s no such thing as being too young for eye care, and have work with children as young as 1 year old, providing a solid start to a life of eye care. If your child hasn’t had an eye test or is due for one, book a bulk billed eye test online today.

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With a comprehensive eye test, we can understand exactly what’s happening with your child’s eyes, reducing the chance of getting incorrect test results to almost zero. We use unique methods to test even young children, with games, activities and specialised tools all being used to get the most accurate reading. It’s never too early to have healthy eyes, and a comprehensive eye test will tell you exactly what’s happening with your child’s vision as it develops.

Does Your Child Have Vision Problems?

There are a range of signs that could be indicators of vision problems. If your child shows signs of any of the following, our specialist children’s optometrist can assess and diagnose the problem to provide the best solution.

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Increased blinking
Difficulty concentrating when reading
Covering or closing one eye
Frequent headaches
Having to get close to see things
Problems learning to read

Glasses Designed for Life

Kids live active lives. That’s a fact. From reading to sports, computer games and hanging out with friends, your child needs glasses that can keep up with them. Ongoing care with Eye Philosophy ensures your child gets the vision correction they need as they need it, ensuring a lifetime of healthy vision. We also have a range of options for specialised care, including blue light lenses to keep young eyes protected from excessive screen use, transition lenses for active lifestyles, and multifocal lenses.

Have You Considered Ortho K?

Ortho K is a specialised type of vision correction that uses night time contacts worn while sleeping to gently correct vision. This way, your child can have clear vision throughout the day without glasses or daytime contact lenses! Ortho K is especially effective at treating short-sightedness (Myopia) and can even slow down the rate of Myopia in children.

We have a high success rate with Ortho K, particularly with children. As an easy, safe and convenient alternative to traditional vision correction, Ortho K is quickly growing in popularity. If you’re thinking about Ortho K for your child, our optometrists can guide you through the process and help you work out if Ortho K is the best option for you. If your child is 6 years or older you can book a bulk billed initial eye assessment today.

Read more about Ortho K here
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Get Your Child’s Eyes Checked Today

It’s never too early to start protecting your child’s eyes. Getting your child’s vision checked early can help diagnose eye conditions, such as myopia or lazy eye syndrome, and tackle them before they get worse. Come in and visit our children’s optometrist today for an eye-check.