You’re entitled to an annual comprehensive eye test at no cost to you, covered by Medicare. No gap!


We work hard to make sure you’re 100% happy with our services and your new glasses or contacts.


If you have a tight schedule and can’t make a day appointment, let us know and we can book an evening appointment on request.

For more than 40 years Eye Philosophy has delivered world-class eye care and ocular health services in Altona. As an independent practice, we’ve taken the time to craft an optometry experience that caters directly to the unique needs of each of our patients. For us, eye care is more than just glasses and contact lenses. It’s an integral part of living a healthy life! It’s this philosophy that forms the foundation of all our services. Through this, we can provide a holistic approach to eye care, focusing on detecting and diagnosing eye issues early to provide care before things get worse. Book an eye test today and let Eye Philosophy can change the way you view eye care.

Comprehensive Bulk-Billed Eye Tests

A comprehensive eye test can tell you exactly what's happening with your eyes.

Ortho K

Free yourself from glasses and daytime contacts with Ortho K! Correct your vision easily and painlessly as you sleep.

Dry Eye Clinic

If you're finding yourself with dry eyes, we can identify the cause and put you on the correct path for treatment.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Tests
As the leading optometrist in Altona, our comprehensive eye tests see to your individual needs and help you understand your eyes completely. Click for more info or book online today.
Ortho K
We’re one of Altona’s leading providers of Ortho K lenses. Book an obligation free eye tests to find out if Ortho K Lenses are right for you.
Blue Light Glasses
Screens and other sources of blue light can have harmful effects on your eyes. Maintain your eye health with our blue light glasses.
Frames & Sunglasses
Eye Philosophy has a huge range of stylish independent and brand name glasses and sunglasses. Find glasses that fit your face in-store today.
Contact Lenses
If you’re thinking about getting contacts, we can assess your eyes to get you the care you need. We also have a range of coloured contacts available.
Dry Eyes
Dryness, burning, itching, redness, or sensitive eyes are all symptoms of dry eyes. We can create a treatment plan and get you back on your feet.
Children's Eye Tests
Eye care is most important in the early years to ensure your child’s eyes develop correctly. We offer specialised eye tests for children.
Prescription Lenses
Eye Philosophy sources high-quality prescription lenses from premium local and international laboratories. Talk to our team for more info.

Choose the Leading Optometrist in Altona for Your Family

Eye Philosophy can provide ongoing eye care for your whole family, giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to eye health. Come in for a check-up or a new pair of glasses and our team of talented, passionate optometrists will be with you to ensure you get the tailored care you need. We can answer any questions you might have about eye care or your eye health and keep you on track for a lifetime of healthy vision. If you’re noticing changes in your vision, such as your eyesight getting worse, sensitivity to light, or red or tired eyes, book a bulk billed eye test with us today. In 2020 we took the next step in improving our services, rebranding to Eye Philosophy in the process. If you were previously a patient of Brazionis Eyecare, rest assured you will receive the same high-quality services here, with a range of new ones as well. Your optometrist is ready to provide ongoing eye care in our new location, picking up exactly from where we left off with your eye health records on file and ready to go. With more appointment times, extended trading hours, more onsite parking, and new OCT technology, we’re the same optometrist you’ve come to know and love, just better!

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