Flexible appointment times make getting eye care on a tight schedule possible. Available by request only.


We’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible care. If there are any issues, we’ll do our best to fix them!


Flexible appointment times make getting eye care on a tight schedule possible. Available by request only.

Eye Philosophy Optometrist Hoppers Crossing

Eye Philosophy’s focus lies in providing holistic eye care, helping you understand your eye health and get the treatment you need throughout the course of your life. Over the years we’ve developed this philosophy, improving techniques to detect and diagnose eye issues earlier, monitoring your eye health over time for you, and providing better overall eye care. We’re committed to providing you and your family with complete eye care, guiding you through the process to ensure you can live life the way nature intended. With crystal clear vision!

Comprehensive Bulk-Billed Eye Tests

Get a complete assessment of your eye health today with a comprehensive bulk billed eye test.

Ortho K

Tired of wearing glasses and day contacts? Ortho K shapes your eyes while you sleep for clear day vision.

Dry Eye Clinic

Got dry eyes? Our optometrists can identify the cause and set you up with a complete treatment plan.

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Our Services

Read more about the services provided by our Optometrist in Hoppers Crossing below.

Comprehensive Eye Tests

Using the latest technology we can get a complete picture of your eye health. Our optometrists can identify any issues to provide treatment and care now and in the future.

Ortho K

Ortho K can change the way you look at vision correction. Book an appointment to find out if Ortho K is right for you, or click for more info.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light from screens and harsh lighting could be damaging your eyes. Get fitted for blue light glasses or lenses today.

Frames & Sunglasses

Find the perfect frames in our huge collection of designer and brand glasses and sunglasses frames.

Contact Lenses

Our optometrists can fit you for new contact lenses or refill your prescription quickly and easily. Coloured contacts are also available.

Dry Eyes

If you're facing dry eye symptoms, there may be a simple fix. Click here for more information or book an appointment today.

Children's Eye Tests

Eye care is incredibly important for kids. We can provide ongoing care as your child's eyes develop. Click to learn more.

Prescription Lenses

Get your old glasses or sunglasses fitted with new high-quality prescription lenses from leading laboratories in Australia and internationally.

Formerly Brazionis Eyecare

If you’re looking for Brazionis Eyecare, you’re in the right place. With the improvements to our services and the way we operate, we’ve changed our name to Eye Philosophy to better represent our mission. If you were a patient with us before, you can expect the same great services you’ve come to know, along with more flexible appointment times, extended trading hours, a larger range of glasses frames, and new technology for better, more accurate eye tests. Come in and visit us today and see the difference yourself!

Choose the Leading Optometrist in Hoppers Crossing

For more than 40 years Eye Philosophy Optometrist Hoppers Crossing has been providing comprehensive eye care for people in and around the area. We’re passionate about optical health, and believe eye care should be part of everyone’s lifestyle, as much as going to the dentist or eating healthy. We aim to make eye care easy, helping you understand your eye’s health and ensuring you can get the care you need now and in the future. We track your eye health throughout your time with us, identifying any eye issues early to limit serious damage. If you’re ready to take the next step to proper eye care, book a comprehensive eye test with us today.