Our Optometry Services

Eye Philosophy’s team of friendly and professional optometrists will ensure you are well looked after through our comprehensive range of optometry services.  We provide Optometry Services from our modern practice in Williamstown. 

Our team will ensure you are well looked after for all your optometry needs. We have decades of experience where we have developed a strong understanding of vision problems, optimising eye health, managing eye diseases and conditions, and a range of other services.

 At Eye Philosophy, we:

Examine eyes for health and vision problems.
Diagnose and treat eye diseases.
Detect and identity general health problems mainfested in the eye (i.e diabetes, high blood pressure etc).
Prescribe glasses, contact lenses or other solutions (such as Ortho K or safety glasses) for specialised vision needs:
    • Computer work Surfing, golfing, football, boxing and other sports

    • Playing musicical instruments

    • Work environments such as hospitals and healthcare, construction, and other specialised settings.

Work with pilots, athletes and medical staff to improve vision performance.
Remove foreign bodies from eyes.
Diagnose and treat glaucoma.
Educating and working with parents and teachers to enhance the learning potential and literacy of young, school-aged children.
Pre-operative laser eye surgery assessments  and cataract surgery
Consult with businesses on visual ergonomics for prolonged computer use in offices.

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Our Services

Read more about the services provided by our Optometrists below.

Eye Philosophy

Comprehensive Eye Tests

Come and see the best optometrists in Williamstown.
We offer Comprehensive Eye Tests tailored to your individual needs to help you achieve your best vision.

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Eye Philosophy

Ortho K

Experience freedom from daytime contacts and glasses with Ortho K. We offer obligation free assessments to determine suitability.

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Eye Philosophy

Blue Light Glasses & Eye Strain

Manage the harmful effects of blue light, including digital eye strain, with our huge range of blue light glasses and lenses.

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Eye Philosophy

Frames & Sunglasses

Let us help you look and feel the best in your new frames. We carry a range of brands in store to suit your face shape and individual style.

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Eye Philosophy

Contact Lenses

Book a contact lens consultation today to enquire about contact lenses for your individual preferences and vision requiremens.

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Eye Philosophy

Dry Eyes

We assess your eyes to tailor a dry eye treatment action plan for relief from dryness, burning, itching, sensitivity or redness.

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Eye Philosophy

Children's Eye Tests

We provide quality eye tests for children, understanding how important it is to support your child's eyes to prevent issues as they develop and grow.

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Eye Philosophy

Prescription Lenses

We are experts in prescription lenses and use only high quality, premium lens laboratories from around the world.

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