Medicare covers the cost of your Eye Test and we don’t charge you an out-of-pocket fee. No gap!


We want all our patients to be happy with their new glasses, so we’ll do our best to resolve any potential issues.


We’re flexible with appointments! If you work late or can’t make a day-time appointment, let us know. Available by request only.

Our Philosophy

Eye Philosophy is an independent optometry practice built upon over 40+ years of excellence in eye health and ocular wellness. 

Our philosophy for eye care has been developed over years of refinement and improvement. Our team of highly skilled optometrists and dispensers guide you through the patient journey with a holistic approach to ensure early detection and diagnosis of eye health issues. We firmly believe that prevention is the best cure. We are equipped with the latest innovative technology to ensure that your eye health is our paramount concern.

We offer a range of optometry services for the whole family:

Comprehensive Eye Tests (Bulk Billing Optometrist)

Ortho K (Orthokeratology)

Dry Eye Clinic

Management of Eye Diseases and Conditions

Contact Lenses

Glasses and Sunglasses Styling



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0+Stylish Frames from Designer Brands
Eye Philosophy

Comprehensive Bulk-Billed Eye Tests

Book a comprehensive eye test with one of our qualified Optometrists today. 

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Eye Philosophy

Ortho K

Experience true freedom from glasses! Try these overnight lenses that gently correct your vision while you sleep.

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Eye Philosophy

Dry Eye Clinic

Experiencing dry eye symptoms? We can help you find the cause and recommend the right treatment plan for you.

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Our Services

Read more about the services provided by our Optometrists in Williamstown below. Our bulk billing optometrists can provide a range of eye care services. 



Eye Philosophy

Comprehensive Eye Tests

Come and see the best optometrists in Williamstown.
We offer Comprehensive Eye Tests tailored to your individual needs to help you achieve your best vision.

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Eye Philosophy

Ortho K

Experience freedom from daytime contacts and glasses with Ortho K. We offer obligation free assessments to determine suitability.

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Eye Philosophy

Blue Light Glasses

Manage the harmful effects of blue light, including digital eye strain, with our huge range of blue light glasses and lenses.

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Eye Philosophy

Frames & Sunglasses

Let us help you look and feel the best in your new frames. We carry a range of brands in store to suit your face shape and individual style.

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Eye Philosophy

Contact Lenses

Book a contact lens consultation today to enquire about contact lenses for your individual preferences and vision requirements.

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Eye Philosophy

Dry Eyes

We assess your eyes to tailor a dry eye treatment action plan for relief from dryness, burning, itching, sensitivity or redness.

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Eye Philosophy

Children’s Eye Tests

We provide quality eye tests for children, understanding how important it is to support your child’s eyes to prevent issues as they develop and grow.

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Eye Philosophy

Prescription Lenses

We are experts in prescription lenses and use only high quality, premium lens laboratories from around the world.

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What our Patients say

See why Eye Philosophy is the best Optometrist in Williamstown!

Fantastic service. Will travel far for good service! Jack is clearly very passionate about eye care. Jack introduced me to Ortho K which has provided me 20/20 vision without surgery! He was extremely patient and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.
Anika Robert
Very professional and friendly! A lot of enthusiasm and time taken to explain every step about my eye check-up and condition. I came out very assured about how my vision is currently and how best to look after it in the future. Great range of specs as well!
Brandon Lam



If you’re after an educated professional service, I highly recommend Brazionis Eyecare. They took the time to educate and explain everything rather than just do what has to be done like the bigger optometrists out there. Quality, personal and professional service! Thank you!
Rosee C
Jack’s attention to detail, kind and professional manner, and vast knowledge of his trade make Brazionis Eyecare my optometrist. Even though I live in regional Victoria, when I need new lenses I always make the trip to see Jack for a proper eye test.
Dylan Gale
Brazionis Eyecare

Brazionis Eyecare has moved to 28 Douglas parade

That’s right, we have relocated to 28 Douglas Parade (250 metres up the road) and are operating under a new name: Eye Philosophy Optometrists.  While we have a brand-new look and feel to reflect our new practice, rest assured that you will receive the same high level of clinical care you have come to expect after 40+ years of service to our local community. Look no further for your favourite Bulk Billing Optometrist in Williamstown.

How does this impact me?

  • See the same optometrists; Dr Jack Yao, Dr Laima Brazionis, or Dr Michael Yen
  • Your eye health records retained for continuation of clinical care
  • The same great service and care that you are accustomed to receiving
  • More appointment times with extended trading hours
  • Access to a larger range of frames from local and international designers
  • New Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to accurately detect and monitor for eye diseases
  • Plenty of parking at the rear of our new practice
  • Contemporary store design that we are excited to share with you!

Eye Philosophy

We have been lucky enough to have the support of the local community for decades at Brazionis Eyecare. That continued support has allowed us to grow and move into a new, modern store without compromising on the same exeptional service and care that you’re used to. We can’t wait to see new and familiar faces at Eye Philosophy! Book a bulk billed eye test today!




Our Designer Brands

We stock brands from all over the world, from local Aussie brands to international fashion houses.

Eye Philosophy Optometry Blog

Learn about your vision and eye health by reading articles written by our very own team.

anti fog glasses

September 8, 2021

Anti Fog Glasses


I think we can both agree that foggy glasses is one of the most frustrating things to come out of the last year. You can forget being able to see with your mask on!…

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hoya miyosmart lenses work

September 8, 2021



Historically, distance glasses are the first thing prescribed for children when they are found to be shortsighted (myopic). Distance glasses have an instant impact and a child finally realises the detail they have been…

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a fresh eyes

August 27, 2021

Make working from home more healthy


“Melbourne lockdown continues… A narrative that is becoming all too familiar for all of us.
As working from home life is extended once more, here at EYE PHILOSOPHY we are noticing a trend of increasing…

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If you’re considering going to an optometrist, or have questions about getting your eyes tested, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we get asked at our Optometrist Williamstown office. Whether you’re wondering about price or why you might need to see an optometrist, you’ll find the answers below.

How much does it cost to get your eyes tested?
All Medicare card holders can claim a full rebate on an eye test, as we offer Bulk Billing services. Without a Medicare card the test will cost about $70.
What symptoms should I see an optometrist for?
You should see an optometrist if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: eye strain, fatigue, headaches, blurred vision, double vision, or watery eyes. You should also book an appointment if you find yourself having to squint to properly focus on objects.
How bad is computer work for my eyesight?
With so many people now working in front of a computer screen this is a very common enquiry. The answer depends upon a range of factors. These include what the surrounding lighting is like, how long you are working without breaks, and so on.
In general, sitting in front of a computer for hours on end is not good for your eyes. Doing so without taking regular breaks can result in eye strain and fatigue. Try to take a five-minute break from the computer every hour. Use this time to have something to eat, rest, or go for a quick walk. Activities such as this can keep you feeling refreshed, and mitigate eye strain.