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Historically, distance glasses are the first thing prescribed for children when they are found to be shortsighted (myopic). Distance glasses have an instant impact and a child finally realises the detail they have been missing out in. The latest research however, shows that though distance glasses address the symptom/complaint, it is ineffective in dealing with the underlying mechanism causing the myopia, and more importantly the progression of this myopia.

This is where the HOYA MiYOSMART lens has revolutionised the treatment of myopia progression. These lenses have undergone countless amounts of: clinical research, product design and academic studies commulating in a spectacle lens that is proven to be effective in controlling myopia by 60% when compared to distance glasses.

If there was ever a way to slow down the worsening of shortsightedness that is non-invasive, suitable for all patients and most importantly proven to be effective, the MiYOSMART lens is something you should be looking into.

But how does it work?

hoya miyosmart lenses

The MiYOSMART lens is based off the patented technology of D.I.M.S: Defocus incorporated multiple segments technology. DIMS technology describes a lens with a central zone to correct vision (corresponding to the prescription) and around this central zone, a treatment zone which are multiple areas of “defocus segments”. This treatment zone purposely de-focuses light and places it in front of the retina (instead of behind the retina). Studies have shown that when light is focused behind the retina, the eye grows in size via an increase in axial length and hence leading to myopia progression. If we do the opposite as with MiYOSMART lenses, key findings have shown slowing down of myopia progression and most importantly axial elongation in children aged 8-13 by 60% when compared to single vision lens wear.

The HOYA MiYOSMART lenses are made of polycarbonate to ensure: impact resistance, thinness and lightness. The lenses are multicoated with UV protection, scratch resistance and added ease of cleaning.

As a requirement to provide this technology, Eye Philosophy bulk billing optometrists have had to satisfy the accreditation criteria and complete a specially designed course. We are proud to now be able to offer this piece of lens technology to all our patients and we’re excited to continue to provide the latest technology in eyecare, lenses and frames.

Book your appointment with one of our optometrists today to discuss whether MiYOSMART is suitable for your child’s eyes, or maybe one of our other MYOPIA CONTROL treatment options

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