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eyephilosophy, optometry, ortho k
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“Melbourne lockdown continues… A narrative that is becoming all too familiar for all of us.

As working from home life is extended once more, here at EYE PHILOSOPHY we are noticing a trend of increasing reports of digital eyestrain related directly to this change in lifestyle.

When this pandemic first began, we were all advised to invest in new computer screens, chairs and desks to make our working from home experience more comfortable and efficient. By now, we’ve spent more time in the home office than any other room in the house and we’ve set it up perfectly with all the furniture and electronics we need to properly do our jobs. However, what many of us may have neglected is an investment in our EYES. More specifically, investing in making sure that our eyes are healthy, and capable of managing the rigors of working from home, specifically the dramatic increase in screen time.

The workload placed on our eyes is unprecedented and it’s not uncommon to be experiencing symptoms of:

  • Tired Eyes
  • Burning eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Blurred Vision
  • Headaches
  • Sore Neck

These symptoms if left unaddressed could lead to an impact on our work:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Reduced attentiveness
  • Reduced productivity

Keep reading below for some quick tips on things that could help!

Desk Set-Up

1. Working Distance

The closer things are, the more your eyes have to work. (Think bicep curls: to bring the dumbbell to your chin requires much more effort than just moving it initially) Make sure you are at least one full arm’s length away from your screen and hold your reading materials further if you can.

2. Good Lighting

Having a dark environment with a bright digital screen can cause significant glare and discomfort. If the environment lighting matches your digital screens, your eyes can adapt much better and won’t be strained (Fun fact: This is why we have to put our windows up when our plane is landing

3. Don’t have a light source pointing directly at your screen either! This will make your digital screens glary for your eyes.

Healthy Eye Tips

protect your eyes
  1. This might sound silly but…remember to blink! When we’re concentrating on our work, we end up staring. By not blinking, we actually cause our eyes to dry up, loose moisture as well as clarity. Blinking is essential for keeping our eyes fresh and comfortable.
  2. Avoid direct heating/cooling blowing onto the eyes
  3. Try the 20/20/20 Rule: Every 20 minutes focus on something 20m away for 20 seconds!

Now the tips you’ve just read are things you can very easily do at home! At Eye Philosophy our goal is always prevention and the ultimate way is to make sure you are getting your eyes tested. Just like maintaining a car, even though it may not have any significant issues, it’s always important to have it looked at regularly and serviced. Think of having an Eye test as having your eyes serviced: we check to make sure things are running fine and that there’s no potential for problems down the road. If

There are numerous optometrists around Deer Park, Footscray and the wider Melbourne metropolitan area, so if you’re experiencing symptoms of eyestrain we advise you to book an appointment with our optometrists so that we can help you work better and healthier.

More details to come on how we can help!

(Hint: Anti-fatigue glasses, anti-reflective glasses, blue-light filter glasses)”

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