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Your Optometrist in Sunshine

For more than 40 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to making changing the way people think about eye care. We’ve refined our philosophy and our services, aiming to make eye care easy for our patients. Our talented optometrists use a range of techniques and the latest technology to assess and track your eye health, ensuring we can detect and diagnose eye health issues early. Book a comprehensive bulk billed eye test with us and we’ll guide you through our patient journey, getting to know you and helping you understand what makes your eye health unique and important.

Comprehensive Bulk-Billed Eye Tests

Our comprehensive eye tests can give you a complete view of your eye health. Book online today.

Ortho K

Ortho K overnight lenses give you clear vision throughout the day without glasses, surgery or daytime lenses. Find out more today.

Dry Eye Clinic

If you're experiencing tired, red, or painful eyes, you may need treatment for dry eye. Talk to an optometrist about tailored treatment plans.

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Our Services

Read more about the services provided by our Optometrist in Sunshine below.

Comprehensive Eye Tests

With a comprehensive eye test, we can assess your eye health, alert you to any current or potential issues, and provide treatment where required.

Ortho K

If you're considering Ortho K, book an appointment and our optometrists can tell you if Ortho K will give you the results you're looking for.

Blue Light Glasses

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light with our range of blue light glasses. We can also fit your current glasses with blue light lenses. .

Frames & Sunglasses

With a wide range of designer and brand name glasses frames, we're confident you'll find a style you love. View in-store today.

Contact Lenses

Get fitted with contact lenses by our optometrist in Sunshine, or get a quick refill for your prescription when you contact us.

Dry Eyes

Our optometrists can create a personalised treatment plan to give you relief from dry eyes and similar issues.

Children's Eye Tests

It's never too early to start eye care. We offer eye tests designed specifically for children's developing eyes. Find out more here.

Prescription Lenses

The right lenses are essential for clear vision. Get your lenses replaced today with ones from international premium lens laboratories.

Brazionis Eyecare, New and Improved

With moving location and other changes to our services, Brazionis Eyecare has officially changed our name to Eye Philosophy. With extended trading hours, additional onsite parking, and a range of new technology, including ICT, we can provide better services than ever before while still maintaining what made Brazionis your optometrist in Sunshine. Our team is looking forward to providing eye care for you. Book an appointment today!

Independent Optometrists, Now and Always

Part of providing personal eye care is being able to get to know who you are as an individual. It’s why we’ve operated independently for more than 40 years, getting to know our patients and their families over generations. We believe eye care is a lifestyle choice, and aim to help you and your family to keep track of your eye health now and in the future. If you’ve noticed changes in your eyes recently or have just never had an eye test, book a bulk billed eye test with us today and see the difference we can make for you!